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The Joy of Roses!

Romantic: Roses bring joy. They have for centuries past and will for many more centuries. Roses are flowers that carry special significance no matter who they are given to, but are almost always seen as the quintessential flower for sending a message of romance. A dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and a private message is all it takes to show someone how much you love him or her.

Passionate: All roses are beautiful, but some roses speak of passion. The vibrant deep red rose is dramatic in appearance with its velvety petals. It is royal and elegant and the message it sends is crystal clear. Men and women send roses when it's time to get serious about love.

Order Flowers In a Rainbow of Colors

Rainbow of Colors: You can order flowers that are all roses or are a mix of roses and other flowers. Did you know that roses come in a rainbow of colors? Some are under the misconception that real roses are only a deep red color, but they can be yellow, coral, pink, white, light read, and beautiful hybrids with more than one color.

What's Your Message: So how do you choose the right color of flower to send your loved one? It all depends on the message you are trying to convey. White roses signify innocence and they are often passed from father to daughter or exchanged between new lovers. Yellow roses are more light hearted and signify friendship or good wishes. And there is so much more...

Local Florists Insure Freshness

Knows Best: Local florists know best. They know high quality flowers and can deliver locally in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They know you want to feel confident your florist delivery was handled with care. They know you want your floral gift, gift basket, or box of Godiva chocolates to only include the freshest products and to be delivered on time exactly to where you indicated

In The Know: Your florist can seem like a friend indeed. When you're looking for inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts or a holiday gifts of any kind, the florist and online gift shop offers a great selection. You can shop for flower arrangements, bouquets, or order chocolates and flowers. A laden gift basket is beyond compare as a great gift for special occasions like birthdays, Mother's Day, or Father's Day.

Send Flowers To Dubai

Indulge: You can easily send flowers to Dubai by ordering online. Flowers are the perfect boyfriend gift or the ideal gift for any woman. Since it's so easy to send floral arrangements or bouquets, you can indulge and send them throughout the year to anyone you just want to make feel special. Flowers and Godiva chocolates have that power!