Tips for Increasing Work Productivity

Do you ever feel like you didn't get everything done on your to-do list at the end of the day? You begin with a plan, a list, and a goal. But by the end of the day, your to-do list has grown even longer.

We get it. It can be tough to be productive at work. It is critical to manage your time in ways that promote productivity. However, it might be challenging to know where to begin.

When employees miss deadlines, struggle to stay focused, and arrive at work half asleep, it's easy to blame them. They're being extremely lazy. They simply don't care. However, you may be oblivious that you are creating a work environment detrimental to productivity!

Whether you're an employer searching for ways to encourage your office employees or a work-from-home employee looking for ways to stay focused, we've got a few pointers that can assist.

1. Add Flowers and Plants

Having to spend time in nature can make us feel rejuvenated. Consider how you feel after a walk in the park! The difficulty is determining how to introduce these fantastic natural elements - and their advantages  into our workplaces. Fortunately, new research has shown that bringing flowers and plants to the house and office can offer us the necessary dose of nature.

Texas A&M University researchers conducted an eight-month study to understand better how flowers and plants affect office workers. In the study, volunteers were assigned to one of three workplace settings: one with fresh flowers and plants, one with sculptures, and one with no decorations.

The researchers then assigned similar tasks to the subjects. The results showed that people surrounded by flowers and plants had more ideas for problem-solving and were more creative.

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2. Establish a Comfortable Environment

If you recall Psychology 101 and Maslow's hierarchy of requirements, you will remember that humans cannot do much unless their fundamental wants are addressed. You know what we're talking about if you've ever tried to work with a growling stomach or while shivering in a frigid office.

Keep the office temperature between 65F and 75F. This temperature range will not only keep humans happy but also ideal for those floral gifts.

A supply of snacks, water, and coffee will also assist employees in staying focused on work projects.

3. Take a Break

We may believe that working longer hours allows us to accomplish more, yet we never work as well when we are exhausted. According to studies, taking regular breaks improves concentration and improves your mood. If you're working from home, take a five-minute walk around the yard, or spend 15 minutes fetching that mid-afternoon coffee.

4. Get Rid of Distractions

We know that it's easier said than done. However, reducing distractions like a mountain of laundry and an endless stream of texts can make working from home much more manageable.

Inquiring employees about their work-from-home issues can assist them in developing a better arrangement. Suggest that they designate one section of their home as a work zone. This could be their home office or a specific chair at their dinner table. Suggest that they remove this space of distractions and inform family members that this is a working zone, with interruptions confined to emergencies.

5. Set Specific Goals

At times, looking at our goals might be daunting. Having numerous large projects on our calendar could be challenging. However, dividing things into little chores will make you feel more in control and productive. Instead of writing "full project," divide it into smaller parts that will be required. This will keep you in line with your everyday routines and make larger jobs appear less overwhelming.

6. Check in On Them

Even if you don't see your staff every day, you should still check in on them frequently! We'd argue that checking in on employees who work remotely is even more critical. Make time each week or month to have one-on-one conversations with each of your staff.

First, discuss the actual work. Is everything they need to succeed in place? Could they benefit from further assistance or guidance? You might be surprised at how quickly a simple conversation can enhance productivity.

Along with checking in on work, ask about the employee's personal life. While you don't need to know everything they did over the weekend, it's essential to show them you care about them as a person. This way, they'll be more likely to seek your assistance when they need it.

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