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Dubai's Flowershop.ae’s Subsidiary Introduces 'Squid Game' - Themed Treats

Broadway Bakery is a subsidiary of the leading flower delivery Dubai company: Flowershop.ae which has lately introduced a selection of exquisite, on-trend treats inspired by the popular television series' Squid Game'.

Flowershop.ae’s Broadway Bakery which created "the world's most expensive Game of Thrones cake," has joined the bandwagon and is going all-out with another set of amusing confections inspired by the mega-hit Korean Netflix series, Squid Game.

Squid Game has taken over the globe. The nine-episode Korean Netflix series debuted in September but has recently risen in the ratings. The show is on track to become the largest hit in Netflix history, potentially dethroning Bridgerton as the most-watched show.

Since the mega-hit Korean series debuted in September, Squid Game has had everyone in a chokehold. It's no wonder that its virality has resulted in an increase in 'Squid Game-themed' in almost everything. So much to the point that it is currently taking over places such as Sydney, USA, China, and even UAE.

Jumping on the trend, Dubai's Flowershop.ae crew will offer you one-of-a-kind treats inspired by the Red Light - Green Light Doll, Masked Guards, and Player's Casket. Who can forget the renowned Honeycomb cookie and Marble Game challenge? Broadway Bakery has that covered as well.

The good times don't stop there. Flowershop.ae’s Broadway Bakery has launched a Squid Game-themed online challenge to capitalize on the tremendous popularity of the South Korean Netflix show. This coming Tuesday, 2nd of November until Sunday, 7th of November, Flowershop.ae’s Broadway Bakery has got you covered with their Squid Game-themed online event. Expect "Thrills, Spills, and Elimination Games!" Participate in the contest by going to the official Broadway Bakery Instagram page (@broadwaybakery_com), and you might be the lucky customer to win fabulous surprises.


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2. GUESS the shape on the candy shown in the post (Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, or Umbrella)

3. TAG a friend for every guess.

Furthermore, Broadway Bakery's parent company, Flowershop.ae, has aided in relationship growth through the joy of fresh flowers. The shop paved the way for shipping flowers across the UAE for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, promoting recovery, appreciation, and condolences, as well as prom and wedding bouquets. The shop's goal has always been to help clients connect with and express themselves to the essential people in their lives by providing the finest selection of beautiful flowers and presents for every celebration.