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Here Are Some Reasons Why Corporate Gifting Increases Productivity

Corporate gifting is vital for conveying that you care about the people you work with. Because let's face it, no business can survive without some assistance along the road! This can apply to the agency your company has just collaborated with for an upcoming project and the folks in your workplace. You simply want to appreciate their assistance while maintaining a positive relationship with clients, agencies, and your own staff.

1. Improves Morale

Corporate gifting helps to foster a positive workplace culture. Positive corporate cultures encourage virtuous circles and increase employee morale. When a company is experiencing a challenging peak moment, and everyone suffers from burnout, corporate gifts help boost confidence and make staff feel appreciated.

Dan Ariely's academic research on the psychology of gift-giving and generosity discovered that even if a gift isn't perfect, effort and generosity are always appreciated. This helps firms develop bonding among team members and enhances team spirit by letting employees know they will be acknowledged. Good team morale and employees who feel valued are vital assets to any firm. 

2. Motivated Employees Work Harder

Everyone desires to be liked. No one wants to work under a supervisor who doesn't care about them and treats them like interchangeable gears in a machine. According to a Glassdoor employee study, gratitude motivates employees to work more. Employees who work in fear of their bosses have a much lower productivity rate than those who are appreciated.

According to a Glassdoor survey, four out of five employees (81%) say they are motivated to work harder when their employer expresses appreciation for their efforts. A rate higher than the 38% who are driven to work harder when their supervisor is demanding or the 37% who are encouraged to work harder because they are afraid of losing their job.

3. Boost Loyalty

It may appear counterintuitive, but when people feel appreciated, they are less likely to experience burnout. Because they are less burnt out, they are less likely to browse Indeed and LinkedIn for the shortest way out of their current position. They want to stay because they are valued.

Employees are not the only ones who benefit from increased loyalty. Businesses that serve customers profit from corporate gifts in this regard as well. According to a survey by Cartwright & Butler, 95% of companies regard corporate gifting as an essential aspect of their business strategy. 

There's a reason why "taking clients out to supper and a ballgame" has almost become trite. Many firms have discovered that corporate gifts can boost client loyalty and trust. Another recent survey from Furniture World Magazine found that 65% of buyers stated a gift or reward increased the frequency of their purchases, providing more evidence that giving helps businesses create loyalty.

4. Alleviates Stress

Stress has been linked to poor performance, health problems, and employee burnout. According to a Gallop survey, employees who are burnt out are 63% more likely to take a sick day, 2.6 times more likely to leave their present company, and even 23% more likely to visit the emergency department.

Gifts can help relieve tension in two ways. For starters, they divert employees' attention away from difficult situations, even for a few minutes. Receiving a gift initiates a mental break from challenging job situations or the daily grind. Thoughtful presents show employees that taking time for self-care and relaxation is acceptable.

Second, if the gift has established emotional impacts, such as flowers, the benefits of gifting are multiplied.

5. Benefits of Fresh Flowers as Corporate Gift

Flowers have also been shown to have an emotional impact on people. According to the Harvard Home Ecology of Flowers Study, having flowers and plants in any place has three psychological and emotional benefits: they relieve stress, enhance energy, and foster a caring and compassionate social setting. A Texas A&M study found even greater advantages. Researchers discovered that having flowers and plants in the workplace boosted employees' ingenuity and creative problem-solving.

All of these studies suggest that flowers and plants can double as business gifts. Opting for something like flower delivery Abu Dhabi and plants naturally alleviate stress, increase activity, and elicit warmth and compassion in the workplace. As a result, they are great for corporate giving, as well as for employees, clients, and business partnerships.

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